Darment keeps it cold

Over here at Darment, we take care of the cold. We provide first class cold products for all your needs in maintenance, construction projects and industrial production.

Our products are professionally built and competitively priced, and our warm customer service takes excellent care of you. You can also use our waste refrigerant service and leave your refrigerant waste disposal to us. We take care of the right recycling and disposal processes.

Our experience in the field is comprehensive, but we still have the agility and flexibility of a growing company. With us, you will easily find the right, durable and high-class refrigeration solution.



Olle Elo
Olle Elo
Technical Sales and Customer Service
Ellen Parviainen
Financial and Administration Manager
Eero Korhonen
Eero Korhonen
Chemist, Refrigerant Analysis
Margo Parts
Refrigerants Expert
Adrian Oliva
Refrigerants Handling
Joseph Askndafi
Refrigerants Handling
Tommi Hongisto
Marketing Manager
Wasim Khuzam
Commercial Photographer