Privacy in the processing of Darment Oy's personal data

We at Darment Oy respect your privacy. We protect your privacy and your personal data as well as information attached to them with contracts and different technical procedures. We also value transparency and openness considering the gathered information and the use of it.

We are compliant with the data protection and confidentiality laws.

Darment Oy web shop data protection and registry statement.

Updated on 10th December 2019

Privacy policy

Name of our register
Darment Oy customer, supplier and marketing register

Register controller and authorized processors
Darment Oy, Y 0936826-9, Ruosilantie 18, 00390 HELSINKI
MP-Tietosovellukset Oy (agreement)

Employees of Darment Oy (agreements)

Contact person
Tommi Hongisto,, p. +358 50 340 1367

Handlers of personal information
Employees of Darment Oy within the boundaries stated in their job description.

Purpose of management
The maintaining of customer accounts, customer relations, deliveries, billing and customer marketing.

Legal Bases for the Processing of Personal Data
Data management in Darment Oy:s web shop is based on applied customership.

Description of groups containing personal information in the registry
1. customers 2. suppliers

Personal information groups
Customers have not been grouped subject to their personal information.

Removal of personal information

Personal information of companies and private persons are constantly updated as informed to us.

The customer can manage and remove their personal information at any given time.

A customer can, free of charge, ask, or print themselves, a written extract from the register of their information from the contact person. Applications for change will always be executed immediately, within office hours.

The gathering of information

Customer information will be collected after the persons themselves have registered a customer account in the web shop. Personal information that will be gathered are as follows: company name, phone number, address, email address, permit numbers (TUKES) and person name details.

The handing over of information

The information in the customer registry has not been handed over to third parties outside the company.

The company’s postal addresses, email addresses, and contact personnel’s name details can be handed over to third parties by separate contract for one-time print and email- or mailing purposes.

The handing over, printing, data protection and confidentiality as well as the way of destroying postal addresses, will be made by contract, separately with every party involved in mailing, printing or emailing the material in question.

Darment Oy has a separate contract with E-mailer considering data management.

Protection of the customer registry

The use of our system with access to personal information is only allowed to our employees with permission to access personal information stated in their job description. Every user has their own username and password for the apparatus and the system. The knowledge/data will be gathered into databanks, which are protected by firewall, usernames, passwords and security measures.

We store the data as long as it is required to maintain an ongoing business relation. Personal information in the customer- and marketing registry will be deleted when the customer asks for it or if information used for marketing purposes has been identified as out of date, obsolete or faulty. The customer can also delete their information at any given time.

We estimate the necessity of preservation of information abiding the laws regarding it.

On top of this we take care of all reasonable measures to ensure that no incorrect, out of date or incompatible personal information or information in general will be preserved. We will destroy or rectify this kind of information without delay.