From Darment, you can easily order refrigerants for a variety of applications: residential and office buildings, commercial refrigeration, industrial processes, refrigerated transportation, and car air conditioning. In addition, we sell refrigerant cylinders and supplies.

To ensure quality, all refrigerants entering Darment are analyzed. Defects in the refrigerant can increase energy consumption, impair equipment operation, or cause equipment failure. Darment’s customer can be sure of the purity of the refrigerant and the right balance of chemical components.

Our range includes HFCs and HFOs as well as natural refrigerants. We are constantly developing our range according to our customers’ needs, laws and regulations. Alternative refrigerants with lower GWP values can be found under “alternative products” for each refrigerant.

Refrigerants are supplied in Darment’s identified sales or rental cylinders.

Read on the Refrigerant-info pages about the properties and uses of different refrigerants.

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