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Refrigerant info is a site where you can find general information about refrigerants, their properties and usage. From the menu, you can choose the item of interest and get acquainted with the refrigerant, replacement refrigerants and, for example, prices. In addition, you will find on our website among others. Cold History, Environmental Impact Indicators for Refrigerants and Legislation on Cold Salt. On this info page we present the drawings on various topics in the menu on the left.

Responsibility of Cold Sector

The Cold sector offers greenhouse gas emissions of 70–78% by 2050 by contributing to climate change; In the EU, fluorinated greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by up to 78% by 2050. Beef to espas, and it is taken into account if it is not ready and must be taken into account. In some applications, remote cooling can also be an option. All CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants are hazardous waste, submit a manuscript for processing.

In practice this means stopping the use of multiple refrigerants from the production point of view, innovation of new mixtures and also investment in equipment. In some cases distric cooling may also be an option.

The change employs

The changes mean for example new budgeted costs for institutions, but also for smaller operators, for example in the field of trade. Uncertainties employ because the technical details of substitutes and plants require clarification. For small operators this may be more difficult so the transition periods are also designed to be long.

Some of the plants will end up in their lifetime during that time, so renewal will in any case be topical. More work is also being done on quota monitoring, reporting obligations, license number tracking, leakage inspection regulations and equipment, renewal of labels, etc. Overall, the industry is undergoing a major change. – On the other hand, change is always an opportunity.

Choosing the perfect refrigeration unit

Choosing a refrigeration appliance should be done on the basis of its energy efficiency and the choice of F-gas based on the lowest possible GWP. In the future, the GWP value must also be reported on the device and its marketing. It is advisable to invest in a device for which maintenance of the refrigerant is still available.

Prices of refrigerants

EU regulation of refrigerant supply has led to significant price fluctuations. Follow our prices and become our customer. Please contact us fore more details. We serve!

EPEE Gapometer

The first major cut to the HFC quota was made in 2018. The EPEE Gapometer project provides important information on the required actions to achieve the challenging HFC reduction targets in the long term.

Read EPEE’s brochure: EPEE Gapometer Project  (en, pdf)

“The new requirements of the F-Gas Act will affect the entire HVAC sector. Therefore, it is important to raise the industry’s awareness of the new requirements and ensure that it takes all the necessary measures in time.” (EPEE Gapometer)