Warranty terms

  1. The warranty period for tools is 12 months. The warranty period for other products is 18 months. The warranty period is calculated from the day the product leaves Darment for delivery.
  2. The warranty covers only manufacturing and raw material defects. Labour and transport costs are excluded.
  3. The warranty does not cover consequential damages caused by a defective device, the cost of replacing the device, buyer’s loss of production, lost profits or any other indirect costs. Component warranty only: defective product will be repaired or replaced with a new one. Installation and assembly excluded.
  4. The buyer is responsible for the possible costs of defects caused by the storage conditions between the delivery and commissioning date.
  5. The warranty covers faults notified to the seller within 10 days of the malfunction being detected. The notice should also indicate the date of delivery (document attached) and the exact description of the defect/error.
  6. The warranty does not cover any defects or breakages caused by:
    • incorrect or defective installation, care, handling or inappropriate operating conditions
    • excessive voltage fluctuations or overload
    • damage caused by thunderstorms
    • use of a non-suitable refrigerant, oil or medium
  7. Warranty expires if product is:
    • repaired or modified without Darment Oy’s permission
    • used for purposes for which it was not designed
    • stored in an unsuitable location (eg in moisture)
  8. Warranty conditions
    The defective product must be returned to Darment Oy for inspection. The buyer is responsible for the freight costs. If the buyer wants to replace a defective product with a new one, it will be invoiced in full. The defective product will be refunded if found warranted. The product to be returned must be sealed and cleaned to avoid health or environmental hazards. The replaced device remains the seller’s property.